Bobby Brew and
The Dalhousie Street Paraders

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary, Bobby Brew and his Orchestra, better known as the Dalhousie Street Paraders, were christened with this name in the 1950's when the band was playing at the Bob-Lo Tavern in Amherstburg, Ontario. Finding the business a bit slow, Bobby brought his parade drum the next night and marched his band out of the tavern and down Dalhousie Street. They strolled through other taverns in the area collecting numerous followers and they marched them back down Dalhousie Street and into th
e Bob-Lo Tavern. The Marching continued for several nights to the sounds of "Hear come the Dalhousie Street Paraders". Cars would stop, people would get out and join in the parade. The crowds were overflowing, and needless to say, the Bob-Lo owners were very happy. The hotel Association (other Clubs and Bars in the area) put an end to their marching although it was too late.
The Band is also the original I.O.O.B Orchestra. This illustrious fellowship, "The International Order of Old Bastards", had as their first member, President Harry Truman. The arch bastard himself, Fred Kibby, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and The district deputy bastard, Duncan Marsshall, from Windsor Ontartio, inducted the whole band.

The Group also has a clown band and has played on hundreds of occasions as the Daisyville Marching band with the renowned "Oopsy the Clown" of T.V. Fame. Some of the varied events the band has played in Canada and The United States over their 50 years include: National T.V. and Radio, Canadian National Exhibition, Ontario Place, Grand Opening of the Pontiac Silverdome, Cruises, Detroit Lions Alumni, Dixieland Festivals, County Fairs, Church Services, Funerals, Jazz Sessions, Featured band at the T. Eaton Santa Clause Parade in Toronto, Ontario. J. L. Hudson's parade in Detroit, Michigan. Windsor Casino's Grand opening, the most entertaining band at Octoberfest Kitchener, Ontario. Countless conventions, dances, concerts, bar-mitzvaus, weddings, bonspiels, trade shows, legion's and Veteran Functions, Ect.


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